1. History and Mission of The 29:11 Story and 29:11, Inc.:


 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,  “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”Jeremiah 29:11

High school youth leader, Salley Walker, created The 29:11 Story necklace following the death of her son. The 29:11 Story chronicles God’s plan for us. Each bead represents a person or event from Genesis to the Book of Revelation. From the Trinity creating the heavens and the Earth, and of course, His crowning glory, Adam, and Eve, to the Wrath of God, and the creation of the new heavens and Earth. From the Angel Gabriel’s announcement to Joseph, Mary and the birth of Jesus, to the empty tomb – each “story” tells of God’s wonderful desire, His purpose, and His plans for us.
Money raised by The 29:11 Story helps to fund a new school system envisioned by a group of Huntsville leaders who recognize that there is a huge problem facing Huntsville. That problem is generational poverty; our most precious commodity – our children – are the ones who are hurt most. These leaders have formed the nonprofit organization, 29:11, Inc., which is dedicated to saving those children and helping to ensure a strong future for our city. 29:11, Inc.’s vision is a Christian-based school system which will provide a protective, loving and educational environment for low-income children. Establishing a school system must start with the first step. For 29:11, Inc., that step will occur in the Terry Heights/Hillandale area of Huntsville, where we are partnering with New Beginnings Christian Church to open our first early education school. The New Beginnings Academy with open it’s doors in the fall of 2015 to our first students aged 3 and 4.




2. How do I see Jesus at work here:

After a 5 year battle, my son, William, died of cancer at age 17. William believed in heaven. He was too reflective and intelligent to have just been grasping at straws; he believed because he was actually in touch with God. He truly was never alone wrestling in his head with his reality, his approaching death. His life was rich and intense. Everything was savored and treasured. Toward the end of his life, every morning, he would wake up and say, “You won’t believe what God showed me last night.” Although I have often doubted God, William never did. The 29:11 Story was made in William’s memory, to honor him and God. Now it serves to honor every child who deserves a future. A future full of hope.

3. What are our needs?:

Money, volunteers, prayers…we need a community. We acknowledge that the goals of 29:11, Inc. are lofty and will be expensive. We also know it simply is not possible for us to dream bigger than God can accomplish. We believe it is important to partner with other individuals and organizations who share our heart for the poor children of Huntsville. Not only will this strategy better serve our students and our donors, but we believe such a cooperative spirit will allow every Christian who participates in this process to play a role in accomplishing something that honors the Lord in a bigger way than any of us could accomplish individually. After all, none of our work is about 29:11, Inc. Everything is about glorifying the Lord by helping the little children achieve the hopes and future that God has planned for them.


4. How can someone get involved?:

Every 29:11 Story we create teaches the Bible and God’s Plans to someone. It also makes money. Money that will pay for desks, books, chalkboards, maps, teachers… We think that’s exciting. Something so small becomes something so big. Kind of like the loaves and fishes? So how do we do that? How do we make 6,000 bracelets, necklaces, creations? 12,000? 18,000? Like God has a plan for each of these children who will attend the New Beginnings Christian Academy, we have a plan for The 29:11 Story. We need you. Do you know ten people who would love to have a symbolic story of the bible? Do you know twenty? Your best friend, your mom, your daughter? How about your teen-age son, your college kid? (We’re seeing them hanging from rearview mirrors in guys’ cars.) Your bible study class, your family at Christmas, your co-workers? Anyone who knows God, anyone who is struggling to know God? We need you. You could be part of our “loaves and fishes “. We have a vision of Huntsville and beyond to be a net of people spreading God’s Word, and, funding this school.


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