A God Story: Mites & Mangoes


Mites & Mangoes


Years ago we met a college student stranded in a parking lot. It was a holiday weekend and all her local friends were traveling and her parents lived 12 hours away. My husband and I didn’t have much but we gave all we could to make sure she got home safely. She thanked us and praised God for supplying her need. One day her parents came to town and told her that they had to meet us. When we opened the door we realized that they came bearing gifts (Mangoes). With tear filled eyes and a thick island accent her father sat on our couch and thanked my husband for taking care of his only child. He said, “You don’t know how hard my heart ached to know that my daughter needed help and I could not be there to fix the problem.” He then prayed a powerful prayer of provision over our family. I sat in the floor and wept as I listened to this father’s heart reflect The Heart of our Heavenly Father. Each year her father ships us mangoes from the tree in his backyard. Today I am moved to tears by the sweet fruit of obedience. I am amazed that our mites led to mangoes and are still yielding fruit. I am reminded of the story of The Widow and her mites.

“They’re just giving from their surplus, but she is giving from her poverty—she’s giving all she has to give.” Luke 21:4 The Voice

No matter how tiny the seed, when we sow seeds of kindness we will reap a harvest of love. Our Heavenly Father sees what we do in secret and has creative ways of rewarding us. As you deposit into the treasury of other’s hearts today know that your mites may lead to fruit that remains for years to come. This year on Father’s Day her father delivered our mangoes in person. He had some extra special mangoes that were imported from Haiti called “Too Sweet.” They were just as the name states. I don’t know what was more sweet, the gesture of his kindness, God’s thoughtfulness or the actual mangoes.

Contributor~Toya Poplar



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