First Friday Movement



In 2001 a satiric film took over the media by storm with a movie entitled, “Not Another Teen Movie”. The writers and creators of this motion picture combined several “teeney-bobber” films and combined them into one, creating an insanely funny, yet interesting movie. Throughout the entire film it was very easy to spot a “well known scene” from another movie.

First Friday Movement has taken a similar approach to the “Not Another Teen Movie”, minus the satire, of course, whose loosely used motto is “Not another Bible Study”! FFM is surely not your average bible study, everyone’s voice is heard and respected. It’s not a monologue but rather a laid-back, ultra chill dialogue.


We have one rule: Spiritual competiviteness is not allowed! FFM is a place where we build one another up.

First Friday Movement meets the 1st Friday of each and every month in downtown Huntsville at The Cooper House, 405 Randolph Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama 35801 at 7:00pm. Each sessions opens with popular Christian Pop & Christian Hip Hop/R&B from artist such as Lecrae, Uncle Reece, KB, and Andy Mineo to name a few.

Each month there’s a different facilitator discussing a topic that is sure to motivate, encourage, and empower you to walk boldly as the young Christian God has called you to be.


Many leave First Friday Movement feeling that it’s never been so cool to be saved!

It’s a Christ centered, biblically grounded, life group that promotes positive Christian lifestyles in a modern and contemporary age.

Hope to see you at the next one!



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