We Built This City On…



A Firm Foundation: Voices of the Faithful

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WE BUILT THIS CITY ON… is OCOAH’s opportunity to share the faithful voices in our city’s past, in order to spotlight God’s faithfulness, thus shining the light of wisdom, grace and hope on our city’s present and future!

“…Where have you come from and where are you going?” (Genesis 16:8 NIV)

Our past does not secure our future, nor does it doom it. However, knowing where we came from gives us opportunities to celebrate God’s faithfulness in the past and to learn from our history, as we move toward our destiny. In the meantime, we are leaving a legacy.

Lean in! Listen! The wisdom that has walked before us is ready and willing to share. Their stories are rich and beautiful. Their adjectives paint layered pictures and their pauses make you long to see through their eyes. We are reminded in Scripture to tell the next generation of God’s faithfulness and nothing has changed. Our forefathers are deep wells of wisdom and they are storehouses of buried treasures just waiting to be sought.

May we take a moment to turn off our cell phones, ignore our watches, sit comfortably, wait expectantly, and listen patiently, as our faithful forerunners take us on a journey. A journey back that will propel us forward with wiser eyes and more graceful hearts!

Our city was built to display the glory of God. Those who walked before us have laid a foundation of faithful memorial stones, a foundation upon The Rock of Christ!

As we hear Voices of the Faithful in our city, we remember God’s faithfulness. We radiate God’s glory. We run with perseverance the race marked out before us. We rest in the Victory, for the war is already won!  “It is finished.” (John 19:30 NIV)