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Lincoln Village Preservation Corporation (LVPC) was formed in 2003 and has two main areas of service: Lincoln Academy (LA) and Lincoln Village Ministry (LVM).

 Volunteers in the Neighborhood

In this community, poverty is widespread with women and children being disproportionately affected. These disadvantaged children face daily obstacles including physical, emotional, social, and psychological hardships. By making a long term commitment to this community and by participating in every aspect of life, LVPC desires to break the bonds of generational poverty and transform lives for Christ.


LA is a non-profit school which seeks to provide a high quality, Christ centered education to K-8 students who are zoned to public Title I schools. LA desires to be an affordable alternative for families seeking a school of academic excellence. Every student has a volunteer mentor. LA is committed to ensuring deep academic content knowledge, critical thinking skills, and Christian character building to have students prepared for high school and college.


LVM encompasses all the activities and services to the Lincoln Community outside of Lincoln Academy, including the following:

(1) The LINC, an after school enrichment program which provides homework assistance, one-on-one tutoring services, a snack, a dinner sent home with the child four nights a week to help meet their nutritional needs, and Bags of Blessings to provide food for the weekend.

(2) Restoration of homes in Lincoln Village has provided safe, affordable housing for the Lincoln Village community. Since 2002, 20 houses have been restored with 56 current residents living in the neighborhood. Three additional buildings were renovated and provide rental office space for the administrative staff of HEALS, LINC Research, and a Community Center.

(3) LVM Field Staff seeks to initiate and develop friendships in order to disciple those who live in the Lincoln Village community. The Field Staff serves as the hands and feet of Christ so that others may see Christ’s love through them.

(4) Little Linc Pre-Kindergarten seeks to improve the educational outcomes of the children of Lincoln Village, as well as those in surrounding areas.

(5) LVPC and HEALS, Inc. are collaborating to establish a HEALS clinic on LA’s campus to provide children at the school, Little Linc, and in the community with yearly check-ups.


(6) LVM has a staff member devoted specifically to Lee High School, where most LA graduates attend. Our goal is to continue to reach LA students once they are in high school, and to develop new relationships with those in need.

(7) LA’s partnership with the NOVA Center allows us to provide counseling services for our students.

Dancing Girls

 Mission Statement:

To educate, shelter, comfort and serve the Lincoln Community

for Christ and His glory!


How is Jesus at work at Lincoln Village Ministry

There are so many ways that Jesus has blessed this ministry. Each year has shown God faithful to do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine. We prayed for the neighborhood 12 years ago. By God’s favor we got it, and have restored 20 houses, with 56 current residents.

We prayed for the school 2 years ago. By God’s favor, we got it. Lincoln Academy enrollment is up to 85 students, and the Little Linc Pre-K has 16 students. These kids are receiving a high-quality, Christ centered education, when they would otherwise be zoned to attend public Title 1 schools.

God has blessed LVM with many friends who have come alongside us and allowed us the opportunity to expand our ministry to the families of Lincoln Village. It is a glorious battle that we are engaged in, and we appreciate those who fight the fight with us. We have been allowed to witness incredible blessings. We also see the abundance of needs in the Lincoln Village neighborhood, and pray for continued favor from the Lord in helping us to serve as His hands and feet.

The Holy Spirit is evident when you walk through the doors at Lincoln Academy. Quotes from volunteers and students capture this best:

{Volunteer Quotes}

  • Today, God let me see Him…
  • I want to be like you. I want to fix broken things. I want God to use me.
  • No one should have to live this way…
  • Today was the most amazing day of my life…
  • It made me have a deeper desire and passion for Jesus in my life. This is infectious…

{Student and Neighborhood Resident Quotes}

  • You held me up until Jesus came and rescued me.
  • No one gives up on you here.
  • When I think of Lincoln Academy I think of God.
  • Lincoln Academy means love to me.
  • We learn about God and Jesus, and are a big happy family!


Ways to Become Involved


  1. INTERCESSION – praying is the most important way you can help!
  • Pray that God would continue to have favor on this ministry.
  • Pray for the board members and staff members – for wisdom, favor, and discernment.
  • Pray for the children of Lincoln Academy and the Little Linc, for the neighborhood residents, and for any lives touched by LVPC. Pray for miracles, for healing, for protection, and for chains to break as they continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ.
    • Giving – either monthly or annually – is a quick and easy way to make a huge impact on the ministry.
    • Donations are tax deductible, as LVPC is a 501(c)(3).
    • Your dollars to directly towards helping educate, shelter, comfort and serve the Lincoln Community for Christ and His glory!
    • Think outside the box. Donate an old car or a piece of property, name LVPC in your will, etc.
    • LVPC relies on volunteers! From refurbishing houses to mentoring children to stuffing envelopes, we can find the right job for you based on your skill set.
    • Schedule Mark Stearns to speak to your church/business/group
    • Host an event in your home or in the Lincoln Academy Science Lab – invite friends to come have dinner and hear the story
    • Church Involvement. Designate a Sunday for the Offering to be collected for LVPC. Invite Mark to give a sermon. Send a group to volunteer. Include LVPC in your budget.

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