Ministry God Story: The BRIC



“God placed me in a position that gave me the opportunity to change my life for the better. He gave me the chance to be happy again.”

Most people have something that they struggle with daily, including teens. Sometimes its dealing with an addiction (personally or a relative), a medical problem, weight, money, or your social status. Personally, I have many struggles. One of my struggles is depression and over the past years I met several people that assume that depression is just a cry for attention, but in reality it is a struggle to make yourself believe that someone in this world actually loves you and wants you in their life and that you are actually worth something. My depression caused me to torture myself about my appearance and lack of friends. At one point I even began cutting myself. I hid my problems from others, which made it even harder for me because pretending that nothing was wrong only made me think that people really didn’t understand and that they wouldn’t care even if they knew. My personal inner struggle made it hard for me to make friends because I had such a negative outlook on life, but then I joined The BRIC and things started to change. At the beginning I wasn’t quite sure if I would enjoy being part of the new organization, but after my first day I knew this could be a life changing experience. There were so many new possibilities. I also began to realize that even though I knew some of the kids that were at The BRIC from my school, I never got to really know them so that we could be friends. Even though they didn’t know me very well, they welcomed me with open arms and enabled me to have real friends that I could confide in and have fun with. I began to hang out with them even outside of The BRIC. I began going to the movies, Bridge Street, or just hanging out at other peoples’ houses. I started to remember how it felt to laugh until your stomach hurts and that even the small things in life like going to the mall could be extremely fun. Even though The BRIC hosts events, the experiences that you have and the people that you meet there will affect you daily because the people actually care about you. Even though I was very grateful that I had friends to be silly with, I will never forget how they helped me both mentally and emotionally. I remember one time when I was at The BRIC and something had upset me to the point that I felt I had to leave. I assumed that no one would notice and I would be left to dwell on my sadness, but then I began getting texts from people at The BRIC. I was amazed that even one would worry about my feelings, let alone multiple people, but they were there to support me and I immediately felt loved which allowed me to move on. I truly believe that God placed me in a position that gave me the opportunity to change my life for the better. He gave me the chance to be happy again. I also believe that God pushed me to join The BRIC so that I could experience new things that I would not have done before The BRIC because of how I viewed myself and my surroundings. For example, I never thought I would be in a fashion show because I didn’t think I was pretty enough, but my friends at The BRIC encouraged me and helped me realize that I was pretty and that I could do anything as long I set my mind to it. So, in conclusion, The BRIC is an organization that has the ability to help someone change his or her life while being in a safe environment at the same time…all for teens.

~Bric Street Team Member

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