Ministry Spotlight: Divorce Care



History and Mission

Divorce is by far one of the most difficult experiences a person will ever go through in their lives. DivorceCare is a recovery support group that helps those who are dealing with the hurt of divorce find healing. It is a 13-week scripture-based video series that deals with the multitude of issues that come along with separation and divorce. Separation and divorce know no boundaries. Our groups are non-denominational, and we welcome any one who is in need of the support of those who truly understand what they are going through. We provide helpful, practical information to help with the recovery process.

How is Jesus at work in your ministry?

To say that the majority of the people who attend DivorceCare are brokenhearted is a huge understatement. Most people who attend feel there is no hope for their lives to be better. They have suffered a tremendous loss. They are not only brokenhearted, but many times broken in spirit as well. It is truly amazing to see how God works in the lives of the participants over the 13 week period. Oftentimes by the end of the series, those who felt completely lost and alone have a renewed outlook on life and are able to see the real blessings they have been given. They begin to allow Jesus to fill their void and bring joy again. We have seen many times relationships with Jesus grow stronger. Church interests have been renewed. Some have found a personal relationship with Jesus where there once was none. Tears fade, and are replaced by the hope that only Jesus can give.

What are your current needs?

Without a doubt, prayer is our biggest need: prayer not only for those attending the sessions but for the facilitators as well. We provide a home-cooked meal each week, so financial support to fund this is also needed. We are always looking for people who may be interested in helping facilitate or provide support in other ways through meal preparation or tending to the administrative areas of our groups.

How could someone get involved?

The website lists area churches who offer this ministry as a resource. It also shows the dates that the sessions are being offered at each church. Those who would like to consider getting involved can contact any church in their area who offers the ministry to find out the specific needs.


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