Mission Moments: Jessica Lewis


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My name is Jessica Lewis and my Jesus adventure all started in the kitchen. Looking back now, it seems as if it all happened in just the blink of an eye.

I would end up leaving my home, my family, my friends, a great job, and everything I’d ever really known to step out into the great unknown and chase after Jesus. I would officially become a Jesus junkie. Forever chasing after and wasting my life on Jesus. It would turn out to be the most rewarding and best decision I would ever make. And it all started in my little kitchen.

To say I was frustrated with the Lord would be an understatement. I had reached my breaking point and I was practically screaming at the Lord. I felt like I had nothing of substance to show for my life. As I was crying out to the Lord, the thought of an international missionary popped into my head as it had over the years and I begged the Lord for some sort of sign if that was what I was supposed to do. Immediately the song “Do Something” by Matthew West came on the radio – it was the sign that I had desperately been asking for.

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So the search for a place to go for some sort of training began instantly. After sifting through many different options, the Dream Center in Atlanta was next on my list; so I went to visit and participate in one of their weekly outreaches. I fell in love with that old warehouse and all the Jesus freaks inside it. It felt like home. I was hooked. So I joined their School of Ministry in early January of 2015.

To the world I was a single, 25 year old female, who was a college dropout with no job living in Atlanta to chase after God. People thought I was crazy. But those beautiful Jesus freaks in that old warehouse welcomed me with open arms and showered me with so much love and prayer. They showed me what the bride of Christ truly looks and acts like. She’s unoffended, open armed, she never waivers, and her love is unconditional.

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So much has changed in the past year! The Lord has taken me deeper in His word, deeper into relationship with others, and He has and continues to teach me so much through our classes and books. He is stretching me and molding me into the woman, friend, sister, and servant that He has called me to be. He has taken my faith, my relationship with Him, and the way that I worship to such a deeper and much more intimate level.

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The calling to be an international missionary hasn’t changed but for right now the Lord is keeping me state side. In the midst of the wait to go, He is wooing me and preparing me and my heart for when he does send me out to the nations. What an amazing adventure with Jesus that will be!



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