Pastor’s Corner: Tim Milner, Essentials Church


Pastor’s Corner: Tim Milner

Tim & Tom

Essential Church

Tell us about yourself

My name is Tim Milner, and I have an amazing wife, Kristin. We have two amazing kids, Sophia (4) and Selah (2). We live in the Medical District of Huntsville. I was born and raised in Huntsville. I went to Grissom, then University of Alabama. I would then go to seminary in New Orleans, then I went with some friends to help start Epic Church in downtown San Francisco. I’ve been back in Huntsville for about a year. I’m the lead pastor of Essential Church. We meet at Huntsville Junior High School in the downtown area of Huntsville.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I love, love, love the people of Huntsville. I’m not sure you will find anyone who loves this city more than me! My greatest desire is that our neighbors in this great city will fall in love with Jesus.

What is God speaking to you right now?

I’m learning a lot about an idea found in Romans 12. The idea of not being slothful in our zeal (in other words, give it your best), and also be constant in prayer. Our vision for Essential Church is so big that there is no way it can happen unless God shows up. Yes, we have a part to play, and so we do our best, but we are completely dependent on God.

What does unity in our city mean to you?

I believe unity means we learn to respect differences in each other. That person you always disagree with in your office, or at home, or on Facebook, that person’s opinion matters. That’s a real person. They have real thoughts, and emotions. They may be wrong, but they matter. We need to learn to talk in respectful ways to people who are not like us. Jesus radically changed the way we were to see our ‘enemies.’ Your worst enemy – the person who votes opposite of you – the person you can’t stand – Jesus loves that person as much as he loves you. So be careful before you think that person worthless.

Please pray for our city

God, I pray for your favor on the City of Huntsville. God, I love this city. I know you love it too. I pray that those who love you in this city would start a movement of focusing on the essential: loving You and loving others. My prayer, Father, is that we would love this city so much, that everyone would know of Your love. And I pray that many of them believe in you. I also pray that as we love Huntsville with grace and truth, that people who don’t yet believe in Jesus in other cities would look at your Church in Huntsville and say, “I wish we had Christians like that living in my city.” Thank you for the way you love us. Amen.



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