Pastor’s Prayer: Allen Pedram, Church of the Highlands Huntsville



Allen Pedram


Church of the Highlands, Huntsville

Father I pray that the name of Jesus would be glorified and worshipped above every other name in the city of Huntsville and the surrounding areas. I pray that all people would be drawn to you by the power of your love and kindness that leads people to repentance. For every broken home bring unity and redemption. In young people establish their identity and faith in Jesus. Within individual people overwhelmed with addiction send healing and freedom. Help those who are in leadership positions to serve us according to the standards of The Bible. For the church I pray that you would give us power to be a witness. Guide us in everyday life. Enable and strengthen us. Give us victory in spiritual warfare. Make us holy and stable in our walk with you. I pray for discernment amongst your people and freedom in worship as we exalt Christ Jesus. Show us what does not belong in our heart. Change us to look more like you. Fill us with your Spirit in Jesus name Amen.



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