Prayer Walks: Jay and Katie Wilson, Downtown 4th of July Prayer Walk


Prayer Walks: Jay and Katie Wilson, Downtown 4th of July Prayer Walk

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Clinton, Washington, Greene, Banister, Echols, McClung,Franklin, Lowe, Adams, Williams, and Randolph were some of the pavements we prayer pounded.  Jay and I decided to pray through the alphabet for the neighborhoods we circled.  I will give you some of the highlights of the 2 hour “ABC’s of Prayer” ( some letters were definitely harder than others:)

For all the ADOLESCENTS and ADULTS to know they are ADOPTED as sons and daughters through Jesus Christ, rebuking the spirits of ADDICTION, ADULTERY, AND ABORTION, for BABIES and for all to BELIEVE in Christ and know they BELONG to the family of God, for all CHILDREN and all to know and share CHRIST, for DIVINE ENCOUNTERS, rebuking all EVIL and ENVY, for FATHERS and FREEDOM in Christ and all to have FAITH in GOD, and GENEROSITY, GENTLENESS, and GOODNESS to GROW in all hearts and for all to know the HOPE of Christ, rebuking all spirits of ILLEGAL activity and IDOLATRY and claiming our IDENTITY in Christ, for JESUS to be the foundation of every home, rebuking the spirit of JEALOUSY, for KINDNESS to ooze from every home and Christ to be KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORD in every heart, for LOVE to be the foundation and focus of every person, for all MINISTRIES and MINISTERS and MOTHERS and MARRIAGES, rebuking the spirit of NEGATIVITY and lifting up the NAME above all NAMES, rebuking the spirits of OPPRESSION and the OCCULT and celebrating God’s OMNISCIENCE, OMNIPOTENCE, AND OMNIPRESENCE, for PEACE to PREVAIL  and the Spirit to not be QUENCHED, for RELATIONSHIPS with CHRIST and not RELIGION, for every person to be SAVED and SANCTIFIED, rebuking all SATANIC ACTIVITY, for all to be THANKFUL and TRUST in God and for our neighborhoods and city to be UNIFIED, rebuking the spirits of VIOLENCE and claiming the VICTORY in Christ alone, for all WOMEN and for our neighborhoods to ring with WORSHIP, rebuking the spirits of WORRY and WAR and WITCHCRAFT, (couldn’t come up with an X 🙂 , all the promises of God are YES in Christ and for every person to never be lacking in ZEAL, but to keep their spiritual fervor, serving the Lord!


**We look forward to many more prayer walks and to hearing about yours!!! Be sure to add the neighborhood and/or specific street names! And the “selfie” is a must:)

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Prayer Walk On!

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask according to His will, He hears us.”
1 John 5:14 NIV

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