Prayers for Our City: June 6, 2016


You are God of this city, Father! We worship You with this powerful song of hope and faith. We thank You for how You have blessed our city and continue to work in every aspect of life.

“Decree a thing, and it shall be established.” Job 22:28
[If you believe that the God of this city (of every city!) would like it’s citizens to align themselves with His desires and decrees, please read/pray the following aloud with your family and others in the Body of Christ who stand in faith to see His Kingdom come and His will done in our city!!]


In Jesus’ Name, we decree that our city is shifting its attention to God and accepting the truth of His Word.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that the Body of Christ is united to move into the harvest fields of our city.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that every family and every marriage in our city is blessed with peace, joy and love.
The protection and goodness of God is filling every home.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that the government officials of our city are receiving Christ’s wisdom and living in the righteousness, truth and justice of God.
Any corruption in government will be exposed and dealt with in wisdom and righteousness.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that the school systems and our educational leaders are being filled with Kingdom wisdom, values and truth.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that every good, Godly business in our city prospers
and every corrupt business is exposed. We decree growth and fruitfulness in our city as a result of Godliness, in order for every individual to have all they need.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that the media of our city communicates Godly morals and values
and speaks favorably of the gospel.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree a God-honoring renaissance and revival of the arts in our city.
We decree that a fresh creativity, together with technical excellence, is pouring out on Kingdom-minded artists.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that the citizens of our city are given excellent health care and kept in good health.
That all will live in the health and strength of the Lord.

In Jesus’ Name, we decree that every person in our city is being drawn into a true encounter with Christ
by the Holy, powerful conviction of the Holy Spirit.


Moraine Lake, Banff National Park /Lac Moraine, parc national Ba




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