Project Abundant Life


Project Abundant Life


History and Mission

Project Abundant Life is a transitional housing ministry for single moms in Madison County. In Alabama, half of all single mom households live in poverty. Our mission is to provide affordable house and supportive community that will enable these moms to further their education. We believe change happens in community and in relationship with others. Each mom has a personal mentor team that provides support and encouragement while she is living at PAL. The goal is that after 2 years they will leave the program with a strong faith, a good support network, and a career path.

How do you see Jesus at work here?

 We believe that as the body of Christ we are called to care for those without husbands and fathers. We see Jesus at work in the lives of these single moms as He restores their hope and confidence. He is just as evident, however, in the lives of the mentors as they recognize their unique contribution in God’s work of restoration.

What are your needs?

Present needs for our ministry are volunteers for building projects, gardening and spring clean up. Babysitting during weekly bible study and coaching sessions is a continual need. We are also recruiting women and/or couples willing to serve on mentor teams. Time requirements for mentoring is a minimum of once a month face to face contact.

How could someone get involved?

Donations are accepted through our fiscal agent, the CARE Center which is a 501 C3 nonprofit. Our website is For more information Contact Leigh Willhelm at 256-665-3281.
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