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History and Mission

Recentered was founded in August 2013 in Madison, AL to provide hope, encouragement, assistance, and leadership training for young adults in our community that are lacking consistent family support.  Our founders and Board of Directors are Christians and motivated by the call of God.  We specifically felt led to establish the organization for a charitable purpose (versus religious) and seek to reach out to Christians and non-Christians alike!

  • How do you see Jesus at work here? 

He has provided miraculous provision in many ways.  In a very short time have established a men’s leadership training center in Madison  and also a women’s maternity house in Huntsville.  We have seen businesses, organizations, and individuals joinour cause without ever being solicited.  It is so amazing to see the Lord meet needs and connect us with others in the body of Christ to see His Kingdom advanced!

  • What are your needs? 

We are looking for leaders who are interested in volunteering to reach out to young adults in our communities.  We need volunteers to teach classes at our men’s training center, help provide transportation for the women in our maternity house, mentor young adults in alternative sentencing programs, serve food to homeless young adults, and much more!

  • How could someone get involved?

Email us at or call at 256-348-8170.  Check out our web-site at

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