She’s All That Boutique: Wings of Faith Foundation


She’s All That Boutique: Wings of Faith Foundation

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Tell us about the history and mission of your ministry

We started Wings of Faith Foundation April 2014. The purpose was to focus solely on Teenage girls at New Hope High school. Our mission is : To partner with our community to enrich the lives of all New Hope students by raising funds for college education and trade skills. The foundation’s central purpose is to enhance opportunities for students through partnerships with educators and mentorship programs. The girls are employed through the “She’s All That Boutique” which teaches them Christ-centered job skills. This experience will help each student develop their purpose in life and create avenues for advancing in higher education.

How do you see Jesus at work here?

I see Jesus in each of the teenage girls. Their openness and willingness to be lovedthrough the mentors who give of themselves unconditionally.  Seeing the girls  open to prayer and seeing their lives move forward with opportunities is completely spiritual. But what I’ve seen most that impacts me is the strong faith the girls have.

What are your needs?

Money for the foundation to cover expenses for college and other needs the girls have. Most of the girls involved with us do not have a core family unit and have many basic necessity needs. Mentors to commit to mentoring the girls

How could someone get involved?

By contacting us if they are interest in mentoring a teenage girl. Donations to the Foundation directly. Contact Wings of Faith Foundation.

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  1. Venus August 26, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    This is such an inspiration. I love to see God working through His people like this!
    Have Faith Boutique


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