Time for A New Script: D’kresha Adams


Time for a New Script: D’kresha AdamsDKheadshot

D’kresha is a senior at Lee high school. When she isn’t doing school stuff she’s sharing the love of Jesus. D’kresha wants to live in a world where everyone has a love filter and loves Starbucks and summer nights. D’kresha wants a world where everyone has not just facts about Jesus but the truth about him. A world where people not only know about God but know God. D’kresha wants everyone to know that it is in the pain and lows of life that you’re elevated. D’kresha wants the world to know it is in God allowing the ugly experiences that we understand just how beautiful He is and we are through Him!

Time for A New Script

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.” (Jeremiah 17:7-8).

“If you claim to be religious but do not hold your tongue, you are fooling yourself and your religion is worthless.” (James 1:26)

Evolution-the gradual development of something, especially from simple to more complex. synonym:unfolding, rise, revision

It was easy to say yes to “new” now, for the most part of my life CHANGE was everything I didn’t want but all of what I’ve come to know and believe I needed. This past year has been about physically revising my body but in midst of that I’ve revived and renewed my mind. I lost seventy two pounds and the number seven means complete and the number two means the old and new coming together as one. God is continually completing us and making us whole through His Son. I started this evolution journey trying to change my body, but God changed and rearranged me not only physically but spiritually. Physically I’m seventy-two pounds lighter, but spiritually I’m a thousand pounds lighter. God’s love will lead you out of the darkness into His light. Spiritually I’ve been revived, there were days I woke up dead. God, the bread of life, changed me. God has introduced to me a “new” definition of “new”. Who God is making me into is uncommon but you know NOTHING about God and his children is “common”and “normal”. God picked me up, stripped me of my simple worldly ways, infused in me complexity, unfolded my inner beauty, revised, revived and renewed me. God gave me crazy-Christ-courage. And in that courage I’ve been able to unlearn what the world says beautiful is and learn that God is the very meaning of beauty. With every pound I’ve lost and losing a new layer of me God is revealing to me and in that saying “beautiful is not without blemish, beautiful is having my Son in you and knowing I’m not finished.” Losing weight started off as trying to be accepted by the world. God has gradually shown me that we are to be His hands and feet and how can that be if we’re so blinded by the perception of perfection that we can’t even see him in our reflection.The gist of what I’m saying is there can’t be any “new” without the old, there can’t be any warmth without the cold. You won’t be appreciate light if you haven’t been in the darkness. There could be no creations without the CREATOR!  God took a simple seventeen year old girl from Alabama and revised, renewed, revived and evolutionized (defined from the urban. Dictionary) -The process in which one becomes more adequate to function better then those who stood before her. God is continually making me whole and giving me eyes to rise above and expose the lies masquerading as his truth. “Never count yourself out because even things like people have to be revived, renewed and restored”-Audrey Hephurn. Where do you see yourself in my story? In the evolution of your perceptions, you can finally see God in your reflection.


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