Morning Manna-Week of November 23 – November 28, 2015-Weekly Prayer Focus-Nov. 23 – Nov. 29, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving from Our City On a Hill!



Morning Manna Week of November 23 – November 28, 2015


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Weekly Prayer Focus: Nov. 23- Nov. 29, 2015


In honor of the Lord’s mercy and grace upon us and our city, let us spend this week voicing our thanks to Him for the cultural foundations He has established and the spheres of influence He is giving us the opportunity to shine in – like a city on a hill. We can focus on one of the 7 Mountains of culture each day this week and express to the Lord gratitude for the benefit it brings to your own family and to our city.

Monday: Family Mountain Express gratitude for the blessings that have passed down to you through your family line. Thank the Lord for the privilege of being in a family today; for your dwelling place and material blessings.

Tuesday: Government Mountain Express gratitude for the leaders God has placed over us in this city who faithfully do their jobs to protect and provide for us all. Pray for them to be encouraged and bless them with fresh wisdom from Heaven. (Don’t forget to express appreciation to every police officer you chance to meet.)

Wednesday: Education Mountain Express gratitude for our school systems (public, private and home). Give thanks for and to the teachers in your children’s lives. Thank the Lord for the education you received and how He continues to teach you and use you to teach others.

Thursday: Business Mountain Express gratitude for the means the Lord has given you to make a living. Thank Him for the sphere of influence you have to bring Kingdom principles, ideas and blessings to others through your work. Ponder and appreciate how many local businesses touch and bless your life.

Friday: Media Mountain Express gratitude for the amazing technology that enables us to know what is happening locally and globally. Thank Him for the faithful, smiling faces we watch on the news stations every day. Be thankful and use your freedom of speech to express your beliefs through media in life-giving ways.

Saturday: Arts & Entertainment Mountain Express gratitude for the creativity, cultural growth and fun we experience through the arts and entertainment of our city. Thank the Lord for gifted people who volunteer their time and talents to bless us (especially all the contributors to Our City On A Hill)!

Sunday: Church (Religion) Mountain Express gratitude to the Lord for preserving His Word and the Church through a faithful remnant down through the centuries. Thank Him for your pastor and the opportunity to be loved by a church family.

Perhaps an appropriate challenge this week would be to send a note or email of thanks to someone you know personally on each of the 7 Mountains!




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