“DARK I am, (yet) Lovely” by D’kresha Adams




Recently I was reminded of the story of Samson and the lion. The lion attacked Samson and the spirit of the Lord came upon Samson and he tore the lion apart, as though it was a young goat. Later in the same chapter, Samson revisited this path, seeing the lion carcass full of honey and swarming with bees. He had no fear; he reached into what he suffered and had overcome and pulled out something sweet and shared it!

It surfaced in me some old wounds. If you know me, you know that I refer to myself as mahogany and dark chocolate and just things that refer to my darkness being beautiful. For a long time, I struggled greatly with how dark my skin was and how curly or ‘nappy’, as some love to call, my hair was. I thought that lighter skin and straight hair was the definition of beauty. I would filter my pictures to look lighter and the perms I had always gotten began to be a neccessity to be beautiful. Once my sister returned to the natural state of her hair and Victoria Jones did the big chop “it inspired me to be the higher me.” I began to understand that The Lord showcases His glory differently and that I AM BEAUTIFUL, not despite my darkness, but because of it!

The Lord used Song of Solomon 1:5 to speak to me. “Dark I am,[yet] lovely.” The word YET means: Even still. Dark I am and still I am lovely! I began my journal to self acceptance a while ago but I still struggle with believing this NEVER CHANGING TRUTH! I encourage ALL to know that You are created in the image of Perfection Himself, believe it! You are wonderfully made!

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a relaxer; I am simply saying that I figured out the word “relax” means to modify, which means to adapt, to transform something from its original form and I decided that ,FOR ME, I was gonna learn to love myself organically, before I do anything else to my skin and hair. I wasn’t gonna adapt to MY OLD definition of beauty anymore!

The story reminded me that out of suffering comes sweetness. Out of the ashes of what tries to kill you can and will be beauty! Grab the honey from the remnants of your past and share it! Everyone is BEAUTIFUL, whether you have a relaxer or are natural, because you were designed by the DIVINE HIMSELF!


D’kresha is a native of Huntsville and attends Stillman College. When she isn’t doing school stuff, she’s sharing the love of Jesus. D’kresha wants to live in a world where everyone has a love filter and loves Dunkin’ Donut’s coffee and summer nights. D’kresha wants a world where everyone has ,not just facts about Jesus, but the Truth about him, a  world where people not only know about God, but know God. D’kresha wants everyone to know that it is in the pain and lows of life that you’re elevated. D’kresha wants the world to know it is in God allowing the ugly experiences that we understand just how beautiful He is and we are through Him! Catch up with D’kresha on her blog https://wounded2wholeblog.wordpress.com


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  1. Melissa Tepool May 20, 2016 at 8:20 am

    Love this D’kresha and you!! Beautifully written by an even more beautiful girl?


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