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1. Tell us about the history and mission of your ministry

For Life Ministries was established as a 501c non-profit organization in 2011 by Scott and LeAnn Newsom. The foundation of the ministry, however, began to be built much earlier as the Lord laid it upon their hearts to show Christ’s love to the orphaned, oppressed, single mothers, and those who we are called to biblically serve. The heart of the ministry focuses on the serving others as we ourselves would want done to us. Three program extensions seek to work toward that goal both in Madison County, Alabama and internationally: Love One, Know One, and Serve One.


Through Love One, the ministry connects with those who need a helping hand by partnering with other local ministries. The program seeks to provide a relational sponsorship where individuals, families, or groups can provide a monthly food box to a child, at a minimum, with opportunities to share in their sponsor child’s life moments and most importantly pray for them in their walk with Jesus.

Know One, at its core, looks to bring to light and provide opportunities for individuals to understand the biblical call to know and care for an orphan. It builds on the idea that by truly knowing an orphan, that call can be more easily translated into taking action.
Serve One focuses on single mothers, widows, the outcast, and those who are working through addiction. To be able to meet them where they are and show them God’s grace. In combination, these programs seek to empower, equip and educate through the power and truth of Jesus Christ, and change the world we live in by duplicating Jesus’ model…by encouraging others to relationally invest in “one” person at a time!


2. How do you see Jesus at work here?

Jesus is at the center of all that is done at For Life Ministries. It is ALL for His Glory. It is by His grace that the foundation of the ministry has been built and through it he is working on, and in the hearts of, every staff member, volunteer, partner, and individual. We have a command to love others and Christ shows us daily how amazing His love is for us. By no measure does He need our assistance to reach the hearts of others, but we are called to be His hands and feet. Daily He is making miracles, breaking hearts, reaching the lost and moving mountains. The doors that have been opened for relationships to be built both at an individual level, as well as through organizational contacts, highlights His control and love for each of us. Through the programs, hundreds of individuals have been clothed, fed, been provided opportunities for a better education, and each can rest knowing they have someone praying for them. Most importantly, as each facet of the ministry is based on His love, individuals have come to learn more about Jesus’ unconditional love for all and individuals have even accepted Christ as their Savior.


3. What are your needs?

First and foremost, For Life Ministries is in need of prayer. Prayer for discernment in all decisions made. That they may be pleasing to the Lord and are in constant alignment with His will. We pray that He will find favor in all that is done. There is a need for individuals who have a heart for making a difference in the life of another. Volunteer opportunities are available in a variety of areas. As we hear His call and follow direction, we answer in a number of ways, some of which do require financial support to fulfill. For Life Ministries is a not for profit organization and funded solely through the generosity of its supporters. On our walk to reach more individuals and develop programs for His glory, we are in need of support to ensure sustainability. This may be in the form of a child sponsorship, helping to offset daily operating costs. Organizations and businesses may select to make a commitment to help support new and/or large additions as part of their outreach program. We cannot grow in isolation and assistance in spreading the word about our mission is a daily need. Together we can make a difference.

4. How could someone get involved?


At For Life Ministries individuals are encouraged to get involved and walk alongside so they may experience the blessing making a difference in the life of another. Throughout the year, there are a number of events that allow individuals to interact directly with others ranging from children to adults. There are also opportunities for individuals to utilize their gifts to in other areas and in their area of comfort. To get involved, individuals can go to the website: and click on the “Get Involved” tab. There are various methods to connect with For Life Ministries ranging from completing the volunteer form to contacting the office to discuss what interests an individual has and how they may best be utilized. There is no commitment in regards to time, and it is not restricted to just volunteering. Sponsorships, attending events, going on mission trips, and sharing with others about the ministry are some of the other ways to get involved. We would love to get you connected.

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