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Light Spots



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LIGHT SPOTS is OCOAH’s opportunity to share local places, experiences, or events where we have encountered or anticipate an encounter with God in our city.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John share some of the same experiences through different lenses.  Our faith is deepened and our lives are greatly enriched, as we read their LIGHT SPOTS throughout the Gospels.  While we, of course, are not adding to the Bible, we are still living out the church, as it was birthed in Acts.  The Holy Spirit is alive and active in and through us and when we see through HIS eyes, we can’t help but see the LIGHT SPOTS revealed!


  • Share a local place, experience, or event where you’ve encountered or anticipate encountering the light of Christ.
  • 500 words or less
  • Up to three pictures
  • Send to: with LIGHT SPOTS in subject line
  • All submissions are subject to OurCityOnAHill’s Terms and Conditions
  • We would love to hear from you and will review each submission. 

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