Graces of Gurley


Graces of Gurley


History and Mission:

Graces of Gurley grew out of a simple desire to give kids something fun to do a couple of Saturdays a month. Kathryn Kids, originally an equestrian day camp for about 10 kids, was born.  From that small start, and the relationships we developed there, the Lord has led us on so many adventures:  a Christmas Store, a back pack ministry, Parenting Classes, Bible Study, food boxes, tutoring, home renovation, a HEALS clinic and so much more.  And over time, Kathryn’s Kids has turned into a day of fun and fellowship for 100’s of kids and their families.  Our mission is to be a part of God’s plan to create Shalom in Gurley:  a place of peace and grace and redemption through sharing the gospel and amazing news of Jesus Christ.

How is Jesus at work in Gurley:

Can you imagine how blessed we feel?  To be able to see Him through so many brave and amazing people?  I see Him everywhere here:  the 27 year old girl with the bipolar mother who forgives her mom.  Until she has to forgive her again.  The 73 year old friend who lost her son and is the picture of Grace through astounding suffering.  The grandmother who is taking care of her grandchildren when their mother dies and has the most astounding faith I’ve ever witnessed.  These are people I used to pass in the grocery store or in my car and never think twice.  And the Lord loves me so much, He’s allowed me to see what his Kingdom really looks like.  I hear Jesus at work here when people say things like:  “people used to forget about Gurley and now it seems like they’re paying attention” or “there used to be no one that helped in Gurley and now there’s so much”.  Those comments are like little nuggets of encouragement from the Lord.


We need to do the will of the Lord.  We need to pray.  We need to study scripture together, pray together, have fun together.  So we want people that are interested in those same things.  If you love the Lord and love His people, we need you!  We’re not complete without you.  And there is so much to get involved in here.  But we’re relationship driven, so this is not the place if your life is super compartmentalized:  this is where I live vs. this is where I do good work vs. this is where my friends are.  You don’t have to live here for sure but you do have to be open to relationship.

Getting involved

Just call us, email, send a smoke signal, Facebook us, anything.  We’ll take your heart and skills and match you up for any of the many things going on.  Or come volunteer for Kathryn’s Kids and meet people and see if it’s something the Lord’s called you to. You can visit us online at Graces of Gurley.

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