Happy 6 Month Anniversary-Our City On A Hill


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God is always making things new.  His Message never changes but His methods do.  Jesus spoke to people where they were, in stories and in ways they could relate to, understand and live out.

Our City On A Hill is simply another way to magnify Christ and meet people where they are, in stories and in ways they can relate to, understand and live out.

This is a collaborative community committed to bringing out the God-colors in our city.

We are making “some things new” as we hit our 6 Month anniversary; however, the Message stays the same.

“Jesus is the Hope of the World. We have seen, and will continue to see, the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living and we will never stop sharing God’s Word, His hope and our stories for His Glory.”

Each week we will now have only 3 posts per week, where we originally had 2 posts per day, 6 days per week.   

We will have:

Each Monday, a “Morning Manna”/ Prayer Post will go live.  It will be ONE post containing 6 Monday-Saturday Word pictures and a weekly prayer focus.

Each Wednesday, a “Soul Food” devotional post will go live.

    -Each Friday, a “God in our City” post will go live.  This will be “Our Story” posts from our city.  It could be a Bright Spot, Pastor’s Corner, People’s Corner, Ministry, Testimony OR “We built this city on…” legacy piece, but just ONE per week.

We pray you have been encouraged by the stories, devotionals, daily mediations and prayers that you have read so far.  All of the archives will remain available to go back and reread or share.

We have also added a START HERE: HOW TO NAVIGATE THE SITE page.  It is located in the top bar, beside the Home page.  We hope this makes it easier to find your way around.

We pray you:

*continue to see, in the world around you, the bright spots of Christ.

We pray you:

*continue to share on Ourcityonahill.net, and everywhere you go, the hope you have in HIM,


We pray you:

*are encouraged by Ourcityonahill.net to keep showing God’s grace and mercy, by how you love God and love people in your daily lives.

We are better together.  We thank you for all of the contributions you have made, and prayerfully will continue to make, to this on-line community and we hope you enjoy the things we have “made new” on

Ourcityonahill.net !



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