Light Spots: Mom Heart of North Alabama, by Pam Graves


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My grandfather was a Southern Baptist preacher and I got saved at age ten in the little white house that sits next door to me here in Lacey’s Spring, right on the Tennessee River.  It was called The River Mission, a mission church of Whitesburg Baptist Church. I was baptized a stone’s throw away from the church in the bend of the road at Roy Johnson’s old country store right down the street in that same river.

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The baptism didn’t make me clean but Jesus did. (John 15:3). However, it would be a long time before I knew that truth. Being raised in a broken home that included alcoholism, mental illness, and abuse, along with transitional living from place to place throughout my adolescence, left little margin for discipleship of any kind. So I had a number of hard-living years.

Fast forward to my own marriage and having five children in a decade, it didn’t take much to know I needed help…and a lot of it. Spiritual growth started taking root as a friend led me to a local bible study. As God’s word transformed my life, the desires of my heart changed to align with a life honoring to God, but I didn’t know how to parent with grace. My journey began with a lot of rules for right behavior and performance from my children.

Another dear believer introduced me to Whole Heart Ministries. Their vision is to encourage and equip Christian parents to raise whole-hearted children for Christ. I began attending conferences in 2000, and found there the biblical guidance for grace- based parenting. Because I missed out on discipleship in my life and yet God saw fit to help me, I became passionate to help other moms who felt alone or ill-equipped to love and serve their families . For the past six years, I have organized and led local Mom Heart groups, participated in numerous leadership intensives in Colorado, attended national conferences annually, and led local retreats for the past four years.


It is with excitement and anticipation I invite any mom to join us for the 5th annual gathering of local Mom Heart moms as we transition to a conference setting here in Huntsville on March 11-12, 2016. If you need encouragement, guidance, fellowship with like minded moms, or just a time away with chocolate and great food served to you, then come! You can find out more about the conference and register here:

About the Author: Pam Graves

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Single mom who loves the Lord, her kids,her family, her friends, great books, and great stories….most of the time in that order.

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  1. Louise February 21, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    Ohhh I got lit for the conference today !Greaaat picture sister.I plan to come Sat for sure & possibly Friday.


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