Pastor’s Corner: Randy Jenkins

  • Pastor’s Corner: Randy Jenkins


Central Presbyterian


1. Tell us about yourself 

I have been married to Judy for 30 years and we have three daughters; Leah, Grace and Abby. I was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, was graduated from Washington and Jefferson College and worked in Youth for Christ right out of college. I went to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary for my M. Div. and then Reformed Theological Seminary for my D. Min. My first call was in Wilmington, NC and I have served at Central Presbyterian Church for almost 14 years. When I am not working I love to be at home, in the woods, chasing my dog or playing my cello.

2. What motivates you to do what you do? 

I was called to serve Christ while still in high school. I understand what it means to be lost and the joy of being found by the Lord. Those who are still held in the grip of sin can be released by one thing: the saving grace of Christ. My call is to present the things of Christ and help people move deeper into the Word of God. I love to see believers wrestle with the tough things of the Word and begin to put the various aspects of Scripture together in practical living.

3. What is God speaking to you right now? 

Perhaps now more than any other time in my adult life I believe the Church must stand boldly for what is right. I see Christianity being moved to the margins of society and I am concerned that the Church has lost its courage to stand against culture when culture moves in the wrong direction. We can’t stand firm if we don’t know and understand the Word of God and we won’t know or understand the Word if we fail to dig deeply into it and take it for what it is: Truth. I believe that now is the time for the Church to stand for what is right and be ready to take some of Satan’s flaming arrows. Satan and the culture around us is not what we should fear.

4. What does unity in our city mean to you? 

Paul tells us that we are already one in Christ. We don’t have to seek out unity nor do we have to attempt to define it. As the Body of Christ we already have it, now all we have to do is live it. We must start by each believer putting aside his or her own selfishness and take on the priorities Christ lays out for His Church: preach the Gospel, make disciples, care for the least of these and love the Lord your God with all you are. What is real unity? Real unity is living out what we already have in Christ.

Prayer for our city:

Heavenly Father, make us aware of what you have already given to us. Make us aware of your infinite mercy and care. Give us sharp minds and strong wills to live the things of Christ each day no matter what the cost to us and our earthly holdings. Forgive our pettiness, selfishness and self-imposed weaknesses. Make us mindful of who you are, what you call us to do and the power available to us through the Holy Spirit. That our lives would be living sacrifices unto you. Prod our consciences unto we find no comfort except in you and your will; and may our lives be lived to your glory in the declaration of the Gospel, until all in Huntsville know the Good News of Jesus Christ. In His name we pray. Amen

Rev. Dr. Randall T. Jenkins

Central Presbyterian Church (EPC)

406 Randolph Ave.

Huntsville, AL 35801


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