People’s Corner: Chanda M. Crutcher




People’s Corner: Chanda M. Crutcher

Tell us about yourself:


I have fallen in love with life and I march to the unique beat that only God can create! As the wife of a dynamic educator in Madison County, Darrell, and Mother to 4 beautiful children, we live a very active lifestyle. We also have two very special nephews that I call sons, one currently serving as a US Marine the other a college student. My first and most important job is that of Chief Operations officer of our home; with 4 children at home with over a dozen extra curricular activities between them we have to be very intentional.


Being intentional was something instilled early in life by my grandparents. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana most of my childhood, my grandparents did not benefit from living in communities where diversity was as celebrated as it is today in “my world. I can remember being encouraged that I was smart, but that I would have to work twice as hard as my white classmates to get equal recognition and MaDear would add, three times as hard if I wanted to get ahead. These admonishments and other loved laced words of wisdom, fueled a work ethic and love for older adults that has defined my professional career journey.


Currently I am the CEO of American Senior Assistance Programs, Inc. an interdisciplinary Geriatric Care Management Firm that has served older adults and their families throughout Alabama. I learned early that care has no color; and as the owner of Huntsvilles First Geriatric Care Management Firm, our services and how we care for people have kept the doors open for over 12 years with clients from all over the world.   Restoration Foursquare Church with campuses in Huntsville and Madison is our church home where I serve on the Pastoral Team as the Missional Pastor. Im reminded every time I walk in to the sanctuary just how blessed we are to serve with people from over 33 different nations in our English speaking congregation alone. We also have Vietnamese and Spanish Speaking Congregations that add to our family of Believers.




What motivates you to do what you do?


First and foremost; Jesus! Life is so simple. My motivation is crystal clear. Hes Alive! Im Forgiven! So now what? Making this proclamation and practically answering the question of so now what on a daily basis gives me the focus I need to step out the hamster wheel of business into Gods purpose. But Id be remiss if I didnt acknowledge that when Ive had clients that are in their 70s or older to hold my hand for an extended time and look at me and say Im proud of you, it just does something to me that makes me push harder. Sometimes because of the generation of people that we work with we are also faced with residue from a time that wasnt kind to people with brown skin. Its then that I love even harder; because Grandmothers teaching that you can kill more flies with honey stuck! And as a believer, I know that only Love can drive out Hate.


What is God speaking to you right now?


I feel God is saying three things to me in this season of my life: 1. Go Higher 2. Be Present in the Process and 3. Love Bigger! Our world is becoming so divisive.   But, that doesnt have to be the narrative. As believers we have to be strategic, consistent, and sincere in how we embrace ALL people.


What is one of your most memorable God moments in this city?


One of my most memorable moments in Huntsville is when the tornadoes hit in April of 2011. I saw our community come together like never before! The church stepped up like never before. When the lights went out, I saw no racial divide. People clothed the naked, people fed the hungry, people resourced the poor in spirit; we were a City on a Hill!



  1. Dasha Sigurmundsson February 24, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Chanda!!! Thank you for sharing your story! Loved reading it! So thankful for the awesome service and care that you provide to the elderly in our community.
    Love you!

  2. Deborah March 2, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    Chanda, WOW,,,,what a Blessing..I know all this about you but to read it Blesses my heart…I Love you…We LOVE hard…NEVER hard enough..Walking by FAITH…Yes


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