Rhymers For The Lord


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Rhymers for the Lord is an accountability group for local Christian rappers and poets.  It is hard to believe that something like this exists right here in “The Rocket City” and it is even more shocking to believe that it’s free.  Upon arrival at “Rhymers” you are greeted by the one and only D.J. Sam “Smite” who stays busy on the ones and twos setting up for a night of rhymes and good times, but never too busy to acknowledge your presence.  At each meeting the host, Toya Poplar aka “Soft Spoken,” shares a little history about Rhymers for the Lord. The objective is to keep the Lord and His word the focus of creativity and to be a safe place to sharpen your gift and encourage others.  Rhymers for the Lord meets the last Thursday of each month at The Huntsville Inner City Learning Center at 7pm.


Each artist comes in a humble yet brilliant package. Whether you are brand new to Rhymers or a seasoned veteran, each month artists are challenged to complete a rhyme assignment that is designed to inspire them to create. Rhymers for the Lord welcomes families. Whether you are Four or Forty or anywhere in between, the excitement is the same when it comes to gripping the microphone. Someone in the crowd stated that Rhymers for the Lord felt like The Underground Railroad.  A place in which children and adults alike can come and experience freedom in Christ.  There were families there with children as young as four years old and the four year olds were just as excited to share and remark as the forty year olds.


Another aspect Rhymers is the “New Artist Corner.” D.J. Sam allows listeners to rate new music on a scale of one to five . One thing you can not help but notice is that he seems to genuinely absorb the responses of the group so that he can convey their constructive criticism to the artists. Rhymers is a safe place for up and coming artists to submit their music because it is a no judgement zone. Everyone is celebrated. Watching artists encourage one another as opposed to compete with one another is inspiring. It is fascinating to witness God knit everyone’s rhyme together throughout the night to create one giant lyrical sermon.

If you’ve been praying for a place to go in which you can hear spoken word and share your rhymes…  If you are a lover of words, especially God’s word…  If you like to hear new music before it has been released…  If you are struggling with writer’s block and in need of inspiration…  Rhymers is the perfect place for you.  “I rhyme, you rhyme for the Lord, ‘NO DOUBT!’  Cuz He’s the only one worth rhyming about!”


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