Salt + Light Cards


Salt + Light Cards


Salt + Light cards are a very special new “bright spot” in our city that you can enjoy and share with others! We know the Bible is God’s personal alive and active truth for each of us, but have you ever seen a Scripture with YOUR NAME IN IT?! Salt and Light cards remind us how God has called each of us by name and how these powerful truths are personal to us. They are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone you love.

Huntsville’s Elaine Johnson created these cards this year and they are now available on Etsy. The idea was inspired when her sister gave her personalized Scripture cards for her birthday made by someone in Birmingham. “When I read the verse and saw my name in it, it became very intimate, and I immediately fully understood that even if I was the only person on earth, Jesus would have still died on the cross just for me. And the Bible would still be there just for me to read. The level of love He has for each of us became very clear. It impacted me so deeply that I wanted other people to be able to experience that.”


There are several categories of cards Elaine has created, each including 48 personalized Scriptures:

Blessed Baby is for new babies. This category includes beautiful Scriptures about children and the mother/child relationship. They are great reminders of how to pray for our children and how special they are to God even before they are born! Elaine also includes some personalized Scriptures for mamas – a great idea for moms who need the Word of God to renew their minds during the amazing and often challenging time of having a newborn.

Man of God is for men, young and old. She made these with her husband and also her son, who will soon become a teenager, in mind. These are great for boys and men to have on their desks or at work. They are good reminders of the great plan God has for them and how God perceives them as a pillar of strength and a rock.

Faith Like a Child is for young children. These Scriptures are about the pure trust and faith of a child’s heart. They are simpler and meant to be memorized with your kids. These are a special way for children to learn Scripture with their own name in it! They make a perfect gift for a child’s baptism or first communion.

Restore. These cards are for anyone who is praying for healing, who is grieving, suffering or just needs encouragement. We are always being restored and these verses are a great reminder of God’s faithfulness to hear our prayers in times of need.

Joy. These verses are a beautiful reminder of the joy we bring God just by being His children. Joy for His blessings and the amazing works and miracles He can do. Joy that we get to be set free from sin and have eternal life. It’s a joy we get to share!

Hope. These are encouragement for the hope we have in Jesus and the hope to stay true to who we are in His eyes and not be swayed. These are perfect if you are going through a hard time and need hope restored.

Love. This category speaks for itself. These verses remind us of God’s love for us and the love we have for each other, our families, our neighbors and even our enemies. And of God’s love for us that is freely available no matter where we’ve been. These are reminders to love people in life no matter where they are, just as Jesus loves and accepts us.

Break Free. These are inspired by Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” Bible study and these Scriptures are powerful reminders that we can break free of anything – through Christ, we can break chains off and break free of anything stored up inside us. His light can overcome any darkness.

Daughter of the High King is meant for girls and women of any age. There is a lot of pressure on women and many lies to overcome. These Scriptures are a beautiful reminder about who and whose we are and our identity in Christ. We are His daughters and He has made us all princesses. These are a perfect gift for any sister in Christ.

Be Still – inspired by “Be Still” events, these cards are are about being content where you are and trusting that God’s plan will prevail and that He is all that matters.

Check out the Etsy site for more categories and pictures! Cards are available locally for free pick up. What a beautiful way to share God’s Word with loved ones all over our city and share the brightness of Christ with friends and neighbors in a personal way! Next time you open your Bible, insert your name in the verse and hear from your Maker who wants to speak to you!


Contributor ~ Katie Taylor




  1. Cathy June 15, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    My absolute fav Graduation gift that we received and then have given!! Awesome job Elaine!

  2. KIM ESKRIDGE February 9, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    how can I buy or puscahase these cards with my name in them.


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