History and Mission of the ministry:

The BRIC has been on my heart and mind for the past 5 years, I truly believe God placed it there. Last Spring I finally put the ideas on paper, and by December of 2014 we received our 501 (c) 3 nonprofit status. Instead of waiting for a building, we decided to start hosting pop-up events in various locations. These events allow us to start fulfilling its mission of reaching teens by offering a safe (yet fun) place to congregate on weekend nights. Pop-ups will continue until we are able to secure a permanent venue. Events have averaged around 150 teens and included live music (youth bands), speakers, comedians, games, concessions, and of course fun! The vision of The BRIC is to empower the younger generation to make positive choices in life while supporting their ideas, talents and interests at the same time. Pop-ups are a phased-in approach to a future successful BRIC venue. Once we secure a permanent venue, we’ll be able to add in the elements of mentorship, entrepreneurial opportunities for teens, and hopefully a young artists’ market. We’re on mission to provide a safe alternative to teens hanging out in parking lots, various malls, or participating in illegal or unsafe activities. The atmosphere is one of acceptance and belonging. The BRIC is the calm in the midst of many who are experiencing storms in life. Teens find connections with others that give them hope and courage to move forward. The BRIC is the place every teen wants to be!


How do you see Jesus at work here:

We like to say that The BRIC is an “undercover Jesus” mission! It is our goal to reach believers as well as non-believers. We realize that there are many teens who have no interest in attending church or church-related activities, but they do have interest in hanging out with friends, meeting new people – hopefully all in a safe and supportive environment. The BRIC focuses on providing a clean, fun time and trusting that the Holy Spirit will take over from there. As stated by one of our BRIC Street Team Members, “Honestly, before The BRIC, I didn’t really have too many friends. I like The BRIC because I finally have people I can hang out with in a cool place, with interesting music and people that make me laugh.” Another teen stated, “The best part is being a servant and getting to interact with people, serving them and building relationships.”


What are your needs:

The 3 main needs of The BRIC at this time are: Funding, Facility, and Followers. We are a brand new 501 (C) 3 that is seeking funding at various levels from individuals, corporate sponsors, donations, and grants. With funding comes the ability to secure a permanent venue. Having a facility of our own would allow us to move into the next phase of our vision which involves mentorship, entrepreneurial opportunities and a young artists market. Our own facility would also allow The BRIC to be open every weekend as well as after-school and summer hours. We plan on hosting free events to teens such as tutoring services, classes, seminars, etc – all of which are currently on hold until a permanent venue is secured. Growing the teen community that will frequent The BRIC and increased community support is another need. Those interested can visit our website and social media sites to become a fan and to follow BRIC events.


How could someone get involved:

Teens wanting to get involved with The BRIC can attend events as soon as they like. Events are advertised on social media sites. Those interested in a deeper level of commitment and leadership can join our BRIC Street Team – this is a group of teens who are helping us form The BRIC, one of our greatest accomplishments! The Street Team consists of approximately 20 teens who volunteer in planning and in the actual events. This has given teens ownership into the organization. Several Street Team members have even deeper roles such as graphic artists (who design event flyers), maintaining the website, and serving as photographers and emcees for events. The Street Team is also responsible for taking the idea back into their schools, recruitment of more Street Team members, and overall advertisement of events. Adults wanting to get involved should send an email to As we grow, there will be an increased need for general adult volunteers as well as mentors, tutors, etc. We are always open to new ideas, so feel free to contact us with ways you’d like to help.

**Photography By:

Scott Roberts of Omni Photography
Seth Willis, BRIC Street Team Member

Thank you,

Rachel Rutledge Founder of The BRIC


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